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Lucas, Brown, & Twardeski Top the night at 105 Speedway

Lucas, Brown, & Twardeski Top the night at 105 Speedway

The POWRi Align Pro Lonestar 600's presented by K and K Earthworks 600's brought on up to the red sandy clay surface of 105 Speedway! 27 600's, 10 Restrictors & 4 Jr. Sprints on deck to kick it all off!

Heat races let's get it. Jr. Sprints out first. Trevor Twardeski scoops the Bush's Chicken! win! Restrictor heats up next. Jayton Brown & Landen Zakalowski pick up Bush's Chicken! Heat wins. 600's last out for heats. Right out of the gate Karson Battarbee seeks the high flyer award. Big air achieved. The Ultrashield Safety Crew, ready & on those toes, race to check him out. Driver checks out okay. Safety equipment did it's job! The car is not a pretty site & retires to the pits. Heat #1 Bush's Chicken - Preston Perlmutter. Heat #2 Day Motorsports - Jacob Lucas. Heat #3 Hyper Racing - Mike Walling And Heat #4 Ultrashield Racing Products - Weldon Buford

We recieve the call & the track decides to take all. 600's all lock in for the A . No B mains necessary tonight.

Jr. Sprints cruise out for the feature of the night. Trevor Twardeski seeks the lead early. Finn McDade coming out of 3 finds a infield tire. It jumped out & snatched him up. Ending his night early. Beau Chapman takes second. And the lady of the pack, Camryn Spake wraps up 3rd. Trevor Twardeski parks his 27T ride in the D1 Driven Performance Midwest Feature Win! A very first in the books of POWRi!

Restrictors, it's time to rip some clay! First attempt called back as Timothy Watson gets anxious and stands on the gas to early. Yellow Out. Officials swap the front row to try again. They take the green & spread it out! Jayton Brown climbs takes over the lead. Timothy Watson close & on the porch knocking. Townsend hunting. Landon Zakalowski & Dylan Still are working it in the top 5. Kinsley Cook gets a bump & spins her. Driver checks out okay & rejoins. Jayton Brown holds the lead. He wheels it to the checkers. Snagging his first ever Restrictor win & it's only his second race in that seat! Brown parks his #11 in the D1 Driven Performance Midwest victory lane!

600's, you ready? They roll on, one by one. Transponder check. The crowd gets the perfect opportunity to place family bets on a winner. Greens out, spin turn 2. Try again, a sike from turn 2. Like quick sand, it's collecting em'! 4th try, we are going single file. And we have lift off! Weldon Buford and Karter Battarbee race for the front. Isaiah Garcia is charging from the rear due to a mechanical malfunction in his heat. The racing is close & intense. Turn 2 gobbles Luke Lucas, followed by Tim Ferguson. Ending their night early. Mike Walling, Brandon Schnautz, Matt McDade, Colton Corbin, Jacob Lucas & Trey Burke are on that porch. Top 5 switching out. Passes. Slide jobs. Burke moves up. Walling knocking on 3rd. Buford leads. Lucas has climbed into 2nd. Burke into 3rd. Scnhautz to the infield with a flat right rear. The top 7 looks like a piece of alternating art work. Caution out & the leader Weldon Buford slows after a great feat. Due to a thrown chain. Your new leader Jacob Lucas takes the green. Less than 5 to go. Lucas sets it. Burke is on the mad hunt. Checkers fly. Walling locks 3rd. Trey Burke, with a bit of a ill ride, steals a solid 2nd place finish. Your D1 Driven Performance Midwest Feature Winner goes to Jacob Lucas! He gives the crowd a good ole donut & parks that 57 ride in victory lane!!

As always, we extend a huge thanks to all that join us. Your dedication to the sport we all love is how we keep on trucking!

Special shout out to our Ultrashield POWRi Lonestar 600's safety & official crew- You all are the beat to this heart operation! Your hard work is insanely appreciated! Although, we tell you a million times. Thank you for being a part of us!

Next Race-Big Money!!! $750 to WIN 600's and $300 to WIN Restrictor's @ 105 Speedway! Feeling lucky? Need an adrenaline rush? Wanna have some fun? Join us!!!

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Lucas, Brown, & Twardeski Top the night at 105 Speedway
Lucas, Brown, & Twardeski Top the night at 105 Speedway
Lucas, Brown, & Twardeski Top the night at 105 Speedway
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