Hyland and Hall Slide into Victory Lane at Heart O' Texas Speedway

Hyland and Hall Slide into Victory Lane at Heart O' Texas Speedway
Hyland and Hall Slide into Victory Lane at Heart O' Texas Speedway
Hyland and Hall Slide into Victory Lane at Heart O' Texas Speedway

The POWRi Align Pro Lonestar 600s presented by No Limits Graphics headed north for day #1 the Summer Showdown at Hot Speedway. 33 Nonwing 600s & 10 Restrictors check in for the night's action.

Heat Winners-

600s- #1 Weldon Buford #2 Isaiah Garcia #3 Karter Battarbee #4 Jacob Barton

Restrictors- #1 Kinsley Cook #2 Thomas Hall Jr.

20 non wing 600s lock in the A main event. Remain 13 race it out in a B main. Top 4 transfer to A. Top 8 A main redraw.

B main Transfers- Preston Perlmutter, Nick Groeneveld, Chuck Dunlap, and Matt McDade.

All Restrictors lock in to A. Top 4 redraw.

Restrictors, it's feature time! Kinsley Cook & Shelby Price lead to the green. 3 attempts to start & we are green. Quickly in the race, Hailey Taylor & Kinsley Cook collect. Taylor with a snapped front axle. Cook with a nurf into the rear tire. Both retire. Back to it. Thomas Hall Jr. to the front. A blanket could stretch out over the top 5. Evie Dean giving it her all. Connor Thomas moving up quickly, into 2nd. Shelby Price & Jayton Brown rounding it out for top 5. Checkers fly. Hall parks his #114 ride in Driven Performance Midwest victory lane.

600s, ready or not! A 4 wide salute to the fans & it's go time. Isaiah Garcia & Karter Battarbee lead to the green. Garcia & Mike Walling jump to the front. Sharing some epic slide jobs. But let us tell ya. Behind them was becoming the blooper reel for failed slide jobs. The track was super duper slick. Nearly every attempt to slide. Resulted in a caution. The group was giving it their best shots. It just wasnt panning out for most. Chase Randall, Christopher Larson, Preston Perlmutter into the top 5. After bringing out the 1st caution, Jacob Lucas is on the move from the rear. Walling out front. In a battle to the front, Garcia & Randall slam while racing hard. Garcia gets the tough end of the racing stick, to the tail. The POWRi Lonestar 600s Ultrashield fire safety crew is working major overtime. These guys are ON IT! Chase Hyland says 2nd is not an option. Hyland inches closer & closer. Hyland in the lead. Amongst all, we have made it to lap 13 in over 45 minutes. Track makes the call for green, white, checkered. White flys. Going into 4, Jacob Lucas finds himself in wild flip down the front stretch & landing into the infield. Driver checks out okay. With the mess & spills across the track. At that point, the call is made. Revert to the previous lap for finishes. Chase Hyland parks his #5 in the Driven Performance Midwest victory lane!!

While ending a race on a caution is never our idea of completing a race. Last night's chaos brought on the call. In the end, we are extremely grateful all racers competing walked away. Now it's time to move on to the next one!!

As always thank you to each & everyone who joined us!! Even in the heat, we got to race & do what we love!

Next Race: TONIGHT @ Superbowl Speedway Night #2 of the Summer Showdown. $750 to win 600s. $250 to win Restrictors.

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